Based on NESMD technology, SolMem provides water/wastewater treating solutions to the following industries.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Desalination
          •Sea water desalination
          •Inland areas brackish water desalination
          •Municipal / household drinking water treatment
                  •In areas without stable power supply or                                    without municipal drinking water supply
                  •Can be used to supply one single home, or                               large scale drinking water plant

  • Industrial wastewater treating / water reuse
          •Oil/gas produced water
          •Mining wastewater
          •Nuclear powerplant wastewater
          •Soda ash industry high salinity wastewater
          •Petrochemical and coal chemical industry                                wastewater
          •Leather industry, pesticide industry, dye industry                wastewater

Other Markets:
•Acid and metal recycle
    •Waste sulphuric acid recycle (concentrate from 16%        to 40%)
    •Volatile acid and alcohol recycle
    •Phosphorus and protein recycle
•Applications in sea salt production, pharmaceutical,          sugar, beverage industries
•Industrial process water
    •Boiler feedwater in oil/gas and power industries
    •Ultrapure water in semiconductor industry
•Liquid-liquid separation
    •Separate liquid ammonia from water