Award Winning Revolutionary Water Treating Technology

•Innovative membrane distillation (MD) technology based on nanophotonics
        •System can run on 100% solar energy
•Substantially lower capital cost
        •< 20% of Reverse Osmosis (RO)
•Substantially lower operating cost
        •< 10% of RO
•Could be used in various water treating and liquid separation applications
•Easy to scale-up and to modulize


American Water Summit 2016 Tech Idol Winner

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How Does NESMD Work

Technical Advantages of NESMD

•Solar-power water treating system based on nanophotonics technology
•Higher solar energy efficiency (>75%) than photovoltaic technology
•Higher overall energy efficiency
        •Reversal temperature difference polarization
        •Only heat up membrane surface, instead of bulk water
        •Low water cycling speed requires low house power pump
•Larger scale the system is, higher energy efficiency can be achieved


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